Is Covid 19 The Flood 2.0?

 Is Covid 19 The Flood 2.0?

 The Biblical Explanation for the Roots of Coronavirus


by: Amnon Hever

In December 2019, the world stood still. An unidentified virus originating in Wuhan, China unleashed a worldwide pandemic.
Planes stopped flying, the skies were closed, economies ground to a halt, millions of people suddenly found themselves unemployed, cultural events were cancelled, schools closed their doors, and the entire world went into lockdown and isolation. Millions of people died from the epidemic that is still raging and spawning new mutations and variations that make an end to the pandemic seem all the more distant.
The entire world cooperated in the race to develop a vaccine against the virus that came to be identified as a coronavirus, and more specifically
Covid-19. In fact, it was one of the world’s finest moments, as information was shared and countries joined forces to overcome the deadly pathogen. But although vaccines have been developed, many countries have not succeeded in vaccinating a significant portion of their populations. The exception is Israel, a country which vaccinated more than half its population within the brief time span of about six weeks, with an initial focus on the high-risk population and then a rapid expansion to offer vaccines to the wider public.
A miracle? Or a natural occurrence? Why was Israel specifically the first country to vaccinate its citizens?
Covid-19 is an international reality that is hard to wrap our minds around.
And I ask myself: What brought this about?
What made “nature” cause a pandemic? What incited this fury against mankind? Moreover, the fact that since the Flood in the days of Noah there has never been a worldwide event of this magnitude only heightened my sense of wonder. Why have we been plagued by Covid-19?
My search for answers to this unrelenting question led me to an attempt to understand the secret of human existence. How was the world created?
When? Is there a creator, or was the universe created by a big bang and then developed through Darwinian evolution?
Is there a God? Has anyone ever seen Him? Heard Him? Why bother believing in Him? Prove that there’s a God! And maybe the stories in the Bible are figments of Moses’s imagination!
Does man have free choice or is everything predetermined? Why is there so much suffering and evil in the world? What is the secret of life and death? Are we at the beginning of the era known as the End of Days foreseen by the prophets of the Bible? And how can we bring the world to a state of redemption?

 Over the course of this pandemic filled year, I wrote one chapter after an-other, which came together to create the book you are holding in your hand.

 Although companies such as Pfizer and Moderna have accomplished the impossible and developed a vaccine in record time, it seems that it will take a while until the whole world is vaccinated. Everything is talking about the tangible, pharmaceutical vaccine, but no one has yet spoken about the spiritual vaccine that mankind desperately needs the understanding of why the pandemic came about and what message man is supposed to take away from it. Why did “nature’s” fury erupt and how can we subdue its ire?
While searching for meaning within the pandemic, it became strikingly clear to me that the origins of both India and China are rooted in the arrival of Abraham’s sons to these lands. Abraham, the great believer, sent them to spread the ideal of monotheism. He equipped them with the gift of certain forms of wisdom that are still used in these countries today, such as meditation practices, acupuncture, feng shui, and the energy principles of Chinese medicine qi, yin and yang, and the meridian system.
Are you curious? Well, you’ll have to keep reading, because I can’t tell you everything just yet.

 So why the coronavirus? What does “nature” want from us and when will the world reach its final redemption? You’ll find out in this book.
Many of the existential ideas presented here have been taken from the greatest thinkers and foremost experts in their respective fields. I have used material presented in lectures by Rabbi Yigal Cohen and especially Rabbi Zamir Cohen from the Hidabroot Channel, a man with broad horizons and an outstanding capacity for intellectual analysis, the author of dozens of books and articles relevant to the topics discussed here.
When grappling with questions of evolution and the Big Bang theory, I was aided by Professor Nathan Aviezer, a scientist of world renown.On the topic of suffering in the world, I consulted the writings of Sarah Heller at
And last but not least, my partner in this publication, Rabbi Yaakov Cohen, the Chabad- Lubavitch emissary to the United Nations and director of the UN and NGO Institute for Noahide Code, who authored the chapter on the Noahide Code, the observance of which will bring true redemption and salvation to the world.

This book is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend Rabbi Boaz Kali, the founder and chairman of “7For70 – Seven Laws for Seventy Nations,” an organization dedicated to teaching the universal laws as a morality code for the basis of civilization. I was privileged to work with him on a number of projects for close to a decade.
May it be God’s will that the entire world, without exception, will uphold the covenant between the Lord and His creations made in the days of Noah
and believe in God as King of all Kings. May the House of the Lord be rebuilt as a house of prayer for all the nations, so that God will shower the world with abundant blessings, good health and the coming of the Messiah.