?Full scale intelligence war against Iran – what's behind

IRGC Top Commander: Iran Able to Defeat US in Intelligence War

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami warned of the US full-scale intelligence war against Iran, saying that Tehran will defeat Washington in this front.

"We are able to defeat the enemy in intelligence war; breaking the enemy's will to use power means disarming the enemy," General Salami said, addressing the IRGC intelligence officials in Tehran on Saturday.

He added that the range of the IRGC intelligence operations includes the Islamic Republic, the Islamic Revolution and the geography of threats against Iran.

General Salami warned that the US has launched a full-scale intelligence war against Iran which includes psychological and cyber operations, military moves, public diplomacy and induction of horror among people, meantime, saying that despite its ostentatious appearance, the US is suffering from "osteoporosis".


Recently the IRGC intelligence head was apparently fired from his position. The reason is apparently the Mossad accomplishments, regarding the intelligence given to the Americans and which caused Pompeo to come to Baghdad. Foreign sources claim that Pompeo showed the Iraqi PM pictures of ballistic missiles which arrived from Iran and were placed near Basra, pointing towards the gulf states. But these weren't satellite photos, these were pictures taken on the ground. The assumption is that the Mossad is responsible for those.

The pictures were left in Iraq, to be shown to the Iranians

Syrian sources claim that due to those pictures, Iran was forced to dismantle the missiles and move them to a different location.

The American move shocked the Iranians, and the IRCG had a top intelligence meeting, in which the IRCG head asked for reports on their readiness for cyber warfare

This is just a bit of the "full-scale" intelligence war, as reflected in open sources, and from which we learn that cyber warfare between Iran and the US, with its allies, is in full force. The fact that we don't see its damage, shows that Israel is holding up well.

Also, apparently the recent reports of Israeli "attacks" on Iranian targets in the Damascus region, attacks which Israel did not commit, are related to this intelligence war.

In 2017, Kuwaiti paper Al-Jarida quoted an Israeli security official who said that most attacks attributed to IAF planes were not carried out by the IFull scale intelligence war against Iran – what's behind it?AF, and that some of the attacks used Bluetooth technology. He did not explain further

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